Our Products to automate the data entry and file conversions
includes Focus Auto Typer, Focus Form Filling Auto Typer, Multi Find Replace, HTML Conversion, Image Superimposing etc,.

Focus Auto Typer

It can be used to transfer text to any third party software such as MF Notepad, OGS Notepad App, Agent, Agent8, Text Editor, any version of Image to typing etc.

It simulate keyboard key strokes, just like manual typing. It means third party software will not be able to find whether the text transferred through auto typer. read more

Focus Form Filling Auto Typer

Focus Form Filling Auto Typer is an automatic form filling software. It is used to automate online/offline form filling data entry process. read more

Multi Find Replace

Multi Find Replace software allows you to perform multiple find replace on multiple files in one shot.

Using this text can be replaced conditionally like complete word replace, starts with replace, ends with replace and replace with case sensitive. read more

Image SuperImposing Software

It is specially designed to work with batch files for Data Entry projects, Html Tagging Projects, Image Conversion projects, etc.

This software will super-impose images in word files. It makes proofreading very easy and comfortable to acheive 100% accuracy in a less time. read more

HTML Tagging Conversion Software

Html Tagging software used to convert bench of text files to html files at a time. It will reduce the effort of Data Entry workers. This saves lot of time and provides 100 % accuracy for Tagging work.

As a part of our Data Conversion Tools development, we have experience in developing Office Automation tools which saves lot of time. read more

Batch Image Splitter

It can split / crop multiple images at a time. This helps and saves a lot of time of the Data Entry Projects specially while working with Double Column Images, sample images.

While working with these type of images, user cannot directly convert these images using conversion software, to get the data in correct format user has to split the images into two individual images before conversion. read more

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