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Focus Auto Typer is an automatic typing software. It automates typing process for your data entry job. It can be used to transfer text to any third party software such as MF Notepad, OGS Notepad App, Hub Notepad, Agent, Agent8, Text Editor, any version of Image to typing etc. Download free version of Focus auto typer and try it today.

This is best auto typer in the market with more advanced features and rich user friendly interface and offers wide range of features than any other software. This software simulate keyboard key strokes, just like manual typing. It means third party software will not be able to find whether the text typed through auto typer. It also works with any third-party software where copy and paste is disabled.

What's new in Focus Auto Typer Pro v4.0

Note: We provide full support to the clients who has valid license only. To get valid license, follow the link

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Focus Auto Typer Pro Features

  • Easy File Selection - To load text into auto typer, user can browse the file or simply drag the input file/folder or can simply copy and paste the text into text box
  • Multiple files types - It supports text/word/pdf/html file to load text
  • Adjustable Typing Speed - In Focus Auto Typer Pro, user can adjust the typing speed and also change the typing speed in middle of typing
  • It provides random typing speed which gives an impression of manual typing
  • Play/Pause/Resume - user can pause the typing in middle and resume it. Also allowed to select the desired resume position just by placing the cursor
  • Random backspaces - this makes the auto typing more like manual typing as it auto type few backspaces in the middle of typing and retypes the text
  • Custom Backspaces - Select and insert custom backspaces at your ease
  • Enable Dictionary - Enabling the dictionary performs the spell check and non dictionary words will be red underlined
  • Manage Hotkeys - Keyboard shortcut keys used to perform play/pause/resume operations. user can change the hotkeys accordingly
  • Always window on top – some third party software won’t allow user to access other application windows. This allows our focus auto typer to display above third-party software to continue your work with auto typer.
  • Hide window in taskbar - on selecting this, auto typer will be hidden from taskbar
  • Enable Voice Message - upon completion of the auto typing, it gives a voice message through your computer speakers
  • Remove Extra Spaces - It allows to remove any extra spaces between the text and make sure you have only single space across the text
  • Remove Empty Lines - It allows to remove empty lines in the loaded text
  • Minimize to tray - software will be minimized to system tray instead of taskbar
  • Save Settings - once you save settings, software will load the settings automatically in next time use
  • Supports all special characters as well.
  • Few other options are display line numbers, change font size etc


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Focus Auto Typer Pro Software



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  • Text limit: 100 chars
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