Multi Find Replace Software

Multi Find Replace is an advanced software used to perform find and replace on set of words in batch files. Using this software, text can be replaced conditionally like complete word replace, starts with replace, ends with replace and replace with case sensitive.

Achieving 100% accuracy is the major challenge in data entry. We have developed many software tools to automate your data entry and to achieve better accuracy in less time. After converting image to text using OCR/ICR, you have to proofread and correct bugs for 100% accuracy. While conversion/proofreading you will find many typos that were occurring commonly in most of the files.

To manually check and make such corrections in each file will take much time. To avoid this we have provided batch Find Replace option in our Image Super-Imposing Software for Data Entry Proofreading, which allows you to perform a one click single find-replace in batch files. Multi Find Replace software allows you to perform multiple find replace on multiple files in one shot.

Software License Price(per system):Rs. 2000 /-(INR)



  • Multi Find Replace performs multiple find replace on batch files.
  • It supports files types Ms Word (*.docx , *.doc) and notepad(*.txt)
  • Very user friendly interface, and very easy to use.
  • Process files in sub folders as well.
  • You can save Excel template to reduce your find replace listing for the next time use.
  • Generates report with complete replacements done in each file.
  • Reduce your proofreading work, and hence more accuracy in less time.
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