Image Super-Imposing Software for Data Entry Proofreading

We have developed a user-friendly and fast processing Image Super-Imposing software for Data Entry proof reading . It is specially designed to work with batch files for Data Entry projects, Html Tagging Projects, Image Conversion projects, etc. This software will super-impose images in word files. It makes proofreading very easy and comfortable to acheive 100% accuracy in a less time.

Software License Price(per system):Rs. 2500 /-(INR)



  • Formatting word files
    • Font (name-size-color)
    • Line Spacing
    • Paragraph Align
    • Remove space before or after paragraph
    • Margins
    • Document size
    • Zoom %
  • Inserting Images and Super Impose in Word files ( for proof reading )
    Same line of Image and text can be adjusted one below other for easy and comfortable proofreading.
  • Processess Bulk Files
  • Supports Image of any size.
    You can resize and adjust Super-Imposed images in word files, (watch demo to see how it works).
  • Supports all Image formats such as tiff, gif, jpg, bmp, png etc.
  • Supports Multi-language files such as English, Dutch, French, German, etc
    As Microsoft Word provides all Special Characters, you can easily insert any special character in your text.
  • Find Replace Tool ( For Word and Text files )
    Identify the mostly occuring mistakes and process a single click Replace in batch files.
    It reduces manual corrections for mostly occuring mistakes.
  • Multi Purpose Software and can be customized on request.
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