Why do you need Bulk Whatsapp Sender ?

Must have tool for any Business, individuals and sales & marketing people, who want to send personalized messages to their customers in bulk from software.

BotMaster Bulk WhatsApp messaging can be useful for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Marketing: Businesses can use bulk WhatsApp messaging to reach a large audience quickly and easily. They can send out promotions, special offers, and other marketing messages to potential customers.
  • Customer support: Companies can use bulk WhatsApp messaging to keep their customers informed about new products or services, updates, and other important information. They can also use it to provide customer support by answering frequently asked questions or resolving issues.
  • Group communication: Bulk WhatsApp messaging can be used to communicate with a large group of people at once, such as employees, customers, or members of an organization.
  • Event promotion: Event organizers can use bulk WhatsApp messaging to promote upcoming events and send reminders to attendees.

Overall, bulk WhatsApp messaging can be a convenient and cost-effective way to reach a large audience quickly and easily. However, it is important to use it responsibly and ensure that recipients have given their consent to receive messages.

Note: We provide full support to the clients who has valid license only. To get valid license, Please Whatsapp Us

Why choose us ?

There are numerous solutions in market to send the bulk whatsapp messages. The available solutions are difficult to use and expensive for small businesses. Also time consuming to configure and they don't provide user-friendly interface.

Our software is very user-friendly, affordable pricing and offers more features with Anti Ban features, Send Text, Image, PDF and more.

Bulk Whatsapp Software

How it works ?

  • Prepare your mobile numbers in an excel file.
  • Add message in the software.
  • Import numbers from excel
  • Attach files like image/pdf/document
  • Click on Send, it will start sending bulk messages automatically


BotMaster Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software offers wide range of features.

Import Contacts

Import contacts either manually or from file (CSV or TXT).

Send Customized Messages

create and sent customized messages directly from PC.

Send Without Saving Contact

send whatsapp message to number which is not saved in your contacts

Message Schedule

Ability to set a delay between the messages to avoid to be banned.

Message Variations

Create multiple variations of the message to send to all contacts and avoid spam or ban.

Group Grabber

Grab all member of a Whatsapp group to contact them via Bulk Sender.

Filter Numbers

Bulk check of Whatsapp and non-Whatsapp mobile numbers.


Shows report of campaign.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Our recommendation is, for unknown contacts, initially start with 50 messages per day and after few days increase gradually like 100/day, 150/day and so on. Do not send more than 500 messages per day from 1 Whatsapp account. For known contacts you can send more messages. This recommendation is for safety reasons, else software is capable of sending unlimited messages.

It is actually depends on how much regular activity you do on your Whatsapp account. If you have good conversation on your account and you have incoming messages as well as outgoing message activities then there are rare chances of blocking.

If your account is newly created or have less activities on it, then we recommend to increase it's activities in 2 ways. 1) by enagaging Whatsapp Account or 2) by joining some random Whatsapp groups.

Our software provides option to delay messages. you can set delay to prevent the chances of blocking.

Yes, you can send Photos and Videos with captions. You can select attached photos or videos in attachments and then by right click, set caption option is available. Click on it and inset caption message.

you can send any type of attachment like photo, audio, video, pdf file along with text messages.

No. You don't need to save contacts in your account to send whatsapp messages. you can simply import contacts into the software through excel/text file or manually copy paste numbers.

Transfer to another PC is possible, you have to install software on another PC, and you need to send us new request key, after then we will give you new license and it will replace older PC license automatically, so software will no longer remain active on previous PC.

Contact us with subject bulk whatsapp sender software. We will install software and provide license after receiving payment.

For Indian users, Payment can be done using UPI payment method. For international users, Paypal can be used. find UPI/Paypal details here

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