Announcing Focus Auto Typer 2.1 available for download

We have released Focus auto typer 2.1. We have added some new features and minor bug fixes in the preceding version Focus auto typer 2.0.

Download Focus auto typer 2.1 right now and give it a try.

Focus Auto Typer 2.1 updates :

  • Browse Ms word files(*.docx and *.doc) support to load text into text editor.
  • Drag and drop file feature also updated to support the same file formats as per browse file.
  • Remove empty spaces feature, to remove all the extra spaces in the text editor. It replace double or more spaces with single space.
  • Remove empty lines feature, to remove all the empty lines in the text editor.

focus auto typer 2.1

Upgrading from Focus auto typer 2.0 to Focus auto typer 2.1 :

Those who have the license for Focus auto typer 2.0 can use the same license file for Focus auto typer 2.1. Hence we request the existing customers to upgrade with version 2.1.

Hope our customers will like the new features and we are planning more features in the upcoming versions. If you want to suggest any new features, write us at email or contact.


  1. kavya said:

    how to buy licence

    January 25, 2020

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