Focus Auto Typer 3.0 Software Available For Free Download

Focus Auto Typer is an automatic typing software. It automates typing process for your data entry job. It takes text as input(*.txt/*.doc/*.docx file) and uses keyboard key strokes to type in any copy/paste disabled data entry application.

We have released Focus auto typer 3.0 with added new features, minor bug fixes and performance improvements. The preceding version was focus auto typer 2.1

New Features:

  • User interface updated
  • Drag drop selection of multiple files and folders
  • Easy file selection from drop-down
  • Random backspace frequency selection
  • Enable voice message
  • Hide in taskbar option
  • Show timer on focus delay
Focus Auto Typer 3.0
Focus Auto Typer 3.0 Screenshots
Focus Auto Typer Screen3

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  1. Arajit Biswas said:

    Licenc fee???

    May 12, 2021

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